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Technical details


Our newest product, flexible channel gratings with a central connecting pin was developed for the purpose of creating both aesthetically beautiful and at the same time strong and resistant gratings. These new gratings ARCO, which of course comply with the safety rules, are further very easy to install especially in twisting overflow rims.





We are proud to present this new product ARCO which is suitable for both binding and straight overflow rims. The harmonious and elegant design adds to our approved model "MR".





The gratings in the standard width of 25 cm consist of individual slats plugged together. It is delivered in stretches of 50 cm which makes the installation easy.





For an extra charge the gratings width can be reduced to a minimum of 14 cm. for the height of 24 mm. and even more for the constant height of 35 mm.


Standard colours: white and beige,

Other colours are available for an extra cost for larger orders of at least 50 m.










  • Our extremely resistant polypropylene material guarantees the very best quality and durability.
  • The single slats are easily exchangeable.
  • Treated against ultraviolet rays and very durable.
  • Resistant to sea water, chlorinated water + temperatures up to 60° C.
  • The exclusive flexible form can be inserted into any curved or straight channel.
  • Thanks to the gaps in both directions, excellent drainage and a dry pool border are guaranteed.
  • Tested for use in wet areas with bare feet according to the German DIN 51097 group C anti-slip standard.